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The Jon Gaunt Show

May 24, 2018

jon Gaunt says he does not believe one word the Government and the MSM are telling the British Public about the Salisbury poisoning case.

The parading of Yulia Skripal was so obviously a put up job that Theresa May and Boris Johnson must think we are stupid.

Why are they doing it?

And just when you think the plot and...

May 23, 2018

The majority of people in the UK believe that the House of Lords is tufted full of out of touch unelected cronies and needs radical reform.

Jon Gaunt says this unelected body just needs scrapping and whilst we are getting rid of these unelected fools who are trying to thwart Brexit and the will of the people we should...

May 22, 2018

Jon Gaunt was moved by the emotional testimony and witness statements of the survivors of these two terrible events but he asks the question, will those in power actually do anything to change and stop them happening again?

The terrorist atrocity in Manchester that slaughtered 22 innocents was the work of a man who is...

May 21, 2018

Jon Gaunt says the wedding of Harry and Megan proves we are a truly great Nation.

It proves we are  tolerant, compassionate, and a modern country and not the racist intolerant one that many who infest politics and the media try to portray us as.

It was great to see the Union Flags being flown with pride and we now need...

May 18, 2018

Lineker was great footballer but he is a dreadful, ill informed and bigoted social commentator, in Jon Gaunt's opinion.

Gary has been talking to Nick Clegg and said that, “All the people who voted for Brexit have Union Jacks on their twitter handle"

So whats the problem with that Gary? How about all the removers had...