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The Jon Gaunt Show

Nov 16, 2017

After yesterdays podcast where I talked about an Orwellian checklist attack on Free Speech we now hear of Twitter's removal of Tommy Robinson's Verification status.

Is this an attack on people with right of centre views?

Nick Margerrison joins me to discuss and he has quite different views to me.

Let shave your views on...

Nov 15, 2017

This is a cry from the heart.

Free speech and freedom of expression has almost disappeared in the UK.

The controlled MSM are acting like Cucks and the Snowflakes are operating an Orwellian checklist to curtail anyone having a different opinion to the mainstream as dictated by them.

So the argument about Tesco's...

Nov 14, 2017

77 years ago my home town of Coventry was devastated by the Blitz. This past weekend we have all been remembering our fallen heroes. However when you look at our insipid Political leadership and the Jihadi threat  you have got to ask was there sacrifice worth it?

Have we created a Land fit for Heroes or Zeros?!


Nov 10, 2017

Enough of this blackmail and bribery The UK must walk away from these EU exit negotiations and tell then to stuff their deal where the Sun don't shine. Do you agree?

We need control of our borders, our courts, our laws and that was what we voted for on Independence day and the Political Elite must deliver.

How dare the...

Nov 9, 2017

Theresa May is a disaster and if she clings to power she will not only make the Tory party unelectable but she will wreck the UK.

How many more Ministers have to resign or be sacked until she realises that she will never be a leader whilst I have a hole in my underpants. If she won't resign then the Tories must sack...