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The Jon Gaunt Show

Aug 17, 2018

So now we find out that theh Manchester bomber was listening to hate sermons that were preaching armed Jihad just before he slaughtered 22 people in Manchester.

This Mosque and any Mosque funded with Saudi money must be closed immediately  and if this foul Imam is foriegn then he should be deported.

Jon is taking no...

Aug 15, 2018

jon Gaunt has had enough with the political elite in the Westminster bubble.

He is no longer willing to not look back in anger over terrosim and in fact he is raging angry about this latest alleged terror attack on the streets of London.

Jon wants less holiding hands, lighting candles and singing Kumbaya and much more...

Aug 14, 2018

Another day and another terror attack in the UK

Jon Gaunt is angry very very angry.

He is fed up of being told not to look back in anger and he wants people now to start getting angry.

Angry at the Establishment Elite who seem to be more upset by one of their own talking about banning the Burka than the enemy within and...

Aug 13, 2018

Jon Gaunt can not believe that the Boris/Burka row is still going on and believes it is just the latest example of how powerless and useless Theresa May is.

It is clear now that she is toast.

Whilst the Tories have been fighting amongst themselves Jeremy Corbyn has been getting away with not dealing with the...

Aug 8, 2018

Jon Gaunt states it very simply, Boris must win this battle of the Burka.

He is not being racist with his views as Muslims are not a race.

We do need to discuss integration and the debate can not be shut down by people like Theresa May playing to the gallery or appeasing Saudi Arabia.

Jon says it is disgusting the way...