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The Jon Gaunt Show

Oct 15, 2018

Another year and another Poppy controversy story. This time it is the PC Pillocks of the British Transport Police who have banned the Poppy from being on display on Police vehicles.

The Poppy is not a political symbol and it is not like any other charity but the PC mob can not see this.

Jon Gaunt explains what he thinks...

Oct 11, 2018

Jon Gaunt declares that the World has gone mad! 

He can't believe the story of the paedophile and rapist who was allowed to say they identified as a woman and subsequently started sexually abusing other female prisoners in a Woman's Prison. Jon also can not believe that the MSM are referring to the Man as a she in their...

Oct 10, 2018

Jon Gaunt was going to say today that he can not believe that the British Army has got it's knickers in a twist about a photo of Tommy Robinson and a bunch of young Squaddies but on second thoughts Gaunty could have predicted this.

In today's PC world where a Top Cop is too scared to leave his car to save a colleague...

Oct 9, 2018

Jon Gaunt is outraged that Sir Craig Mackey sat in his locked car as PC Keith Palmer was murdered in front of him and instead of getting out of the car and helping his fellow Officer he sped away in his chauffeur driven car.

Jon says if he had any honour he would resign and hand back his Knighthood and his pension.


Oct 8, 2018

Bob Geldof is calling for a people's vote on Brexit. What this multi millionaire fails to recognise is that we had a peoples vote and the People voted for Brexit says Jon Gaunt. 

What part of Democracy does this pop singer not understand. Jon Gaunt rips into him.

Jon is off on one by the tie he turns his attention to...