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The Jon Gaunt Show

Dec 21, 2018

Jon Gaunt does not believe a word about the fiasco at Gatwick Airport and states Chris Grayling looks like a rabbit caught in the headlights and does not inspire any confidence that he is in control of the situation.

We are not being told the truth and you have to wonder why? 

Of course this is terrorism even if it is a...

Dec 19, 2018

The pantomime season is in full swing in the Commons with this stupid confected row about Jeremy Corbyn calling Theresa May a stupid woman.

Jon Gaunt is furious about this as our MP's should be discussing the great Brexit betrayal not this absolute nonsense.

Meanwhile Sajid Javid has put forward his immigration...

Dec 18, 2018

Jon Gaunt is back and is he angry?

He is angry at the State of our NHS. Angry at our border control and angry about our over crowded Island.

But mostly he is angry at the political class who are still polishing their egos as they all in their various ways defy the will of the people on Brexit.

Remember this quote, "This...

Dec 12, 2018

Jon Gaunt reacts to the news the the there is to be a vote of no confidence in Theresa May tonight.

Jon Gaunt is joined by David Vance from Alt News.

They also look at the runners and riders to take over from this useless woman.

She must now go surely?

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Dec 11, 2018

There is no need for any notes to this episode as Jon Gaunt is just pleading for someone, anyone to stop deluded Theresa May from further humiliating our great Country.


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