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The Jon Gaunt Show

Dec 23, 2015

Immigration figures don't add up and 'tis the season to be healthy DEC 23 EP 328 Tony Smith, former head of the UK border force, joins us at the start of this hour for his take on the immigrant crisis. The figures don't add up, why might that be? This is followed by Dr Pam Spurr, she is wishing us all a very Merry, Healthy Xmas. And, Piers Corbyn, the weather expert, explains the chances of a white Xmas. Spoiler alert, they're not great odds. Jon spends some time on the phones towards the end of the hour and "Rhodesgate" returns to the agenda as our intern 'Boris' is given a bit of a grilling. USEFUL INFORMATION: We air the show between 10am and 1PM (UK TIME). Our studio number is 020 38 29 1234 - we will call you back if you ask. We tweet here: @talk2meradiouk We Facebook here: Jon tweets here: @jongaunt