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The Jon Gaunt Show

Dec 23, 2015

Mr Christmas, Support Our Soldiers and gastric bands to treat diabetes. DEC 23 EP 329 Mr Christmas joins us on the show to speak about how he might experiment with the idea of NOT celebrating Xmas every day. He's also got a novelty single out, Jon gets a live performance from him over the phone. Next up is Libby Dowling, a Clinical Advisor at Diabetes UK. She is reacting to the idea that gastric bands might be a way to prevent and treat type 2 diabetes. Finally, in terms of guests, we have a wonderful woman on. Agnes of Support Our Soldiers (S.O.S). Jon is a huge supporter of the troops and it's easy for some to forget about them at this time of the year. Support our soldiers send out care packages and are, as you'd imagine, particularly active at this time of year. Go to their site and support their efforts! USEFUL INFORMATION: We air the show between 10am and 1PM (UK TIME). Our studio number is 020 38 29 1234 - we will call you back if you ask. We tweet here: @talk2meradiouk We Facebook here: Jon tweets here: @jongaunt