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The Jon Gaunt Show

Aug 11, 2017

Another Summer, and another migrant crisis hits Europe.Over the past week alone there have been two major incidents on the Spanish border; one where a 1000 armed migrants tried to storm the African enclave of Cueta, and another when a migrant boat landed on a tourist beach near Gibraltar in broad daylight. Douglas Murray, associate director of the Henry Jackson Society, says that this is part of the same broader crisis that led to the Muslim rape gangs across the UK. He joined me on the show to explain why he's arguing that in The Spectator. Check out Douglas' brilliant book "The Strange Death of Europe".

Why have so many chances been missed to stop Muslim rape gangs in cities across this country? I'm with Labour MP for Rotherham Sarah Champion, authorities were more scared of being called racist than of protecting vulnerable white girls! I spoke to the investigative reporter into child sex crimes Mark Williams Thomas about why the authorities were too PC, and whether it was right for Northumbria Police to pay a convicted child rapist to catch the scumbag grooming gang members in Newcastle.

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