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The Jon Gaunt Show

Jun 15, 2017

Tim Farron may have been an idiot, but his Christian beliefs shouldn't stop him leading a British political party! The Lib Dem leader has quit saying he felt "torn" over his Christian views. He was harassed during the election campaign over whether he believes gay sex is a sin. I have no time for Farron, but his religious beliefs are a private matter! And if we are going to interrogate people on their religion, why not ask Theresa May, who's a Christian, or Sadiq Khan what they think? I spoke to Tim Dieppe from Christian Concern.
British lorry drivers face another summer of chaos! Gangs of armed migrants have set up burning barricades in Calais, trying to slow down trucks bound for the UK so they can climb on. I got the views of Rod Mackenzie, spokesperson for the Road Haulage Association.
What does former Lib Dem MP Lembit Opik make of his former party's mess? I asked him what he makes of his friend Farron resigning. Lembit says Tim should have been able to reconcile his political beliefs with his faith, like he does. He also says Theresa May will be gone in six months! 
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