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The Jon Gaunt Show

Aug 11, 2017

Mark Zuckerberg and his kind are the press baron's of the 21st century, and anyone who does not fit the globalist agenda is out! This week UK vlogger Paul Joseph Watson has claimed YouTube have demonetised many of his videos covering subjects like Islam, and now the Trump-supporting YouTubers Diamond and Silk say they're having their ad revenue taken away. I spoke to the ladies on the line from the States to find out how the right wing is under attack online! Check out their brilliant videos here

The Muslim rape gang crisis has been happening up and down the UK for decades, but still most commentators, Muslim and non-Muslim, tell us they have "nothing to do with Islam".. Yesterday BBC's Newsnight had a panel made up of four Muslims who all said that the Muslim grooming gang couldn't even be called Muslim because of their "un-Islamic behaviour"! Thankfully, there are some Muslims who are prepared to address the problems in their community. One of them is the Imam at the Muslim Education Centre of Oxford Taj Hargey, who joined me on the show today.

Don't miss former UKIP MEP and economist Godfrey Bloom talking about Common Purpose, and why our police, government and media have been infested by political correctness!

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